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Safe Pet Certified


Iv San Bernard just became the very first cosmetic/grooming aid product line to be certified by the Safe Pet Cosmetic program. Europe, like the United States, lacks regulation to protect our pets against  products that are not only of poor quality, but can also be unsafe. We are super excited about this certification because our clients can be confident they are using safe products that benefit the health of pets as certified by a third party.

Company Certificate

The Safe Pet Cosmetics program was created by cosmetologists and  veterinarians in conjunction with the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences of the Alma Mater Studiorum of the University of Bologna. *In the United States, we find that people are constantly asking for products that are “all natural”, “holistic”, or “organic”. These terms are great for marketing, but they are not defined. The FDA says these terms do not guarantee any level of safety as many toxins and poisons can also meet these classifications. In reality, what people want is to feel they are using products that will not harm their pets. This program has two different industries (the cosmetology and veterinary industry) evaluating the safety of pet cosmetic products. This program works to meet, and follow, the more stringent regulations of the human cosmetics field and provide a credible certification to those products that meet their standards.


*Information provided by Iv San Bernard, USA


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