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Diluting and Frothing ISB Products

The key to using your Iv San Bernard products efficiently and cost effectively, is to use less product but more time - and to FROTH. 

Turning your shampoo and conditioner into a meringue, or foam, allows you to cover more of the pet with less product, without reducing its effectiveness. Let the product sit for at least 5 minutes to give the product time to grab all those dirt and grease particles.

Don't think 2 teaspoons for shampoo diluted with 1.5 tablespoons of water will clean a medium coated, medium size dog? Well watch this...

"Just 2 Teaspoons. Really."

You can use a milk frother, stainless steel beaters, egg beaters or a bullet-type mixer. Hand mixing with a whisk works, too, but that requires more elbow grease! Cate demonstrates different types of mixers as well as bowls in her video

"Meet the Frothers"

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