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Cate Garcia, CPAe

Cate Garcia, a Professional Pet Groomer in the South Bay for more than twenty-five years has enhanced her professional education in order to bring the highest level of dermatological grooming care to her clients and their pets.

Cate is a native of the South Bay and began her career with pets at the side of her father L.J. Garcia DVM, a beloved veterinarian in the South Bay who died in 2007.
She has owned grooming businesses in the South Bay.
She is the owner of Studio Grooming in San Pedro at 359 W. 7th Street.

The course of study was taken in three modules, utilizing the
Italian Pet Skin Care Products, Iv San Bernard. The modules are designed and supervised by Cliff Faver DVM of Animal Health Services,  a state of the art surgical and diagnostic center in Cave Creek, AZ.  Dr. Faver is the US distributor of the Italian Pet Product line.

Upon completion of the course of study and testing, Cate was certified as a Professional Pet Aesthetician ( CPA).
At Studio Grooming Cate has had exceptional success with the products, improving skin problems in pets, which spares them extensive use of steroids, antibiotics and discomfort.

Education is a central part of working with pet owners at Studio Grooming. In 2007 Cate taught Animal Care at the SoCal Regional Occupational Center in Torrance. Her goal is to raise the level of awareness and professionalism in the pet care industry. Continued education is intrinsic to the services they offer to clients and to their pets, bringing respect and dignity to each.

At Studio Grooming we care about pets AND their people.

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